Our remotely connect multi-national team works around the clock to assist our customers skyrocket their sales.

We believe in innovation

Eli Z Group uses innovative websites and targeted single product landing pages that utilize the latest state-of-the-art UX design and custom in-house coded app technologies.
Every dollar invested is tracked and analysed through our ‘machine learning’ platform for budget, creative advert imagery and copy.

We rule technology

Smart Tech, Deep Learning and Neural Network systems are at the heart of everything we do, helping to constantly improve the experience of the end user while also aiding us to automate repetitive and time consuming tasks that most businesses face.
Artificial intelligence is the revolutionary, high-level technology that effectively predicts sales and optimizes creativities and stores.

We love detailed reports

Eli Z Group uses yet further intelligent and automated ‘cool hunting’ systems to scour, research and analyse products that are selling on thousands of eCommerce stores across the internet.
Using machine algorithms to interpret this vast amount of data, we’re able to pinpoint opportunities, interesting local trends and country relevant demands for specific products and niches. Our reports are updated daily enabling us to keep completely up to date with the ever changing landscape of eCommerce.

We are international

The international placement of our localised customer care teams gives us the advantage of being able to understand cultures within every region of the world and, most importantly, cover the areas in their language in terms of communication with both customers and suppliers.

We reduce distances

Finally, we posses a supply chain model that facilitates the shipping process from producer to consumer via proven local fulfillment centers.
The end result is deeper customer loyalty and enhanced products that are recognized for their high value.