Our main underlying aim is to disrupt eCommerce through the use of our innovative digital marketing strategies.

Since early 2016 we have been striving for this goal, building an ever-stronger team of 100% remote workers that are based in over 20+ different countries around the world.

We bring together a collaboration of both smart remote workers and intelligent smart neural networks, a synergy of man and machine.

We constantly review our business processes, making sure that we take the most accurate, and at the same time efficient, approach to how these tasks are handled.
Our smart machines help us to automate repetitive jobs, whilst leaving those tasks that require a more creative and human approach to our experienced team of remote staff.

Being careful to only work with those team members that bring an extensive wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, we consciously seek out staff that can bring with them previous working backgrounds from big companies such as shopify, microsoft, google, facebook, burberry to name but just a few.
Everything from customer care to the latest digital marketing strategies are constantly analysed and adjusted accordingly to ensure optimum results and it’s our meticulous attention to detail that helps us to complete tasks to a very high level for all of our clients.